Cy Schleifer

Assistant Professor - Ph.D., Duke University, 2015

Curriculum Vitae


Phone: 405.325.1751
Office: Kaufman Hall 343

Research Areas:
Sociology of Religion, Quantitative Methods, Causal Statistical Modeling, Family, Income Inequality, Gender

Cyrus Schleifer’s research focuses on the social conditions under which religion – as a system of beliefs, practices, and institutions – plays a central role in motivating social action and what particular life events reshape individuals’ religious lives. His research employs a wide variety of causal statistical models, including longitudinal analyses that account for religious change (or lack of change) over time. His work has focused on the relationship between religion and family processes, religion and higher education, and decision-making in congregations. Additionally, Professor Schleifer is also working on developing better approaches for creating aggregate measures of religiosity and forecasting trends of religious belonging. His work aims at strengthening our understanding of place and power of religion in our social and private lives and to demonstrate the efficacy of causal analyses in Sociology.

Professor Schleifer received his PhD in Sociology from Duke University in 2015. He has forthcoming articles in the Journal of Sociological Methods & Research and the Journal for the Scientific Study of Religion. Cyrus looks forward to teaching a number of core sociology classes – introduction to sociology, sociological methods, and social statistics – as well as teaching undergraduate and graduate courses in the sociology of religion and advanced courses in quantitative methods.

Professor Schleifer is excited to pursue his teaching and research at the University of Oklahoma. As native Oklahoman, he looks forward to returning home, cheering on the Sooners, and getting a chance to attend concerts and events at Sharp Concert Hall and Weitzenhoffer Theatre.