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Graduate Students


Brittany Bishop

Curriculum Vitae
Research Interests: Stratification, Labor Markets, Service Sector, Transition to Adulthood, Quantitative Methods
Email: brittanybishop@ou.edu


Erik Bond

Curriculum Vitae
Research Interests: Environmental Sociology; Medical Sociology; Globalization, Asia, and Fertility; Physical and Mental Health in the lifecourse; Tolerance and Compassion.
Email: erik.l.bond@ou.edu


Trent Cason

Curriculum Vitae
Research Interests: Globalization, Environmental Sociology, Social Psychology, Inequality, Conflict, Sociological Theory
Email: Trent.C.Cason-1@ou.edu


Brandon Crawford

Curriculum Vitae
Research Interests: Crime, Deviance, Child Maltreatment, Gender, and Abortion Opinions
Email: blcrawfo@ou.edu


Joshua Davis

Research Interests: Religion, Environmental Sociology, and Criminology
Email: jdavis@ou.edu


Chelsea Elam

Research Interests: Gender, Family, Feminist Theory, and Social Psychology
Email: chelsea.m.elam-1@ou.edu


Beth Green

Research Interests: Criminology, Social Psychology, Gender
Email Address: beth.green@ou.edu


Shawn Hadwiger

Curriculum Vitae
Research Interests: community and urban sociology, stratification and poverty, social demography
Email: hadwiger.shawn@ou.edu

Andi Grosvald Hamilton

Research Interests: Criminology, Family
Email:  andi.hamilton@ou.edu

Peyman Hekmatpour

Research Interests:  Sociology of religion, Cultural sociology, Historical sociology, Sociology of health and illness, Sociology of social deviancy, Political economy, Sociological theory, Methodology
Email: peyman.hekmatpour@ou.edu


Melissa Jones

Research Interests: Intimate Partner Violence, Incarcerated Women, Victimology, Criminology and Deviance, Gender, Quantitative Analysis
Email Address: Melissa.S.Jones-1@ou.edu 


Xiaoshuang Luo (Iris)

Research Interests: Criminology, Statistics, Social Psychology
Email: xiaoshuang.luo@ou.edu

Rafia Mallick

Research Interests:  Sociology of Medicine and Healthcare, Health Policy, Sex and Sexuality, Gender, Social Stratification and Inequality and Criminology
Email: rafia.j.mallick@ou.edu


Amy Miller

Research Interests: Quantitative Analysis, Statistical Methods, Criminology, Deviance
Email: amy.d.miller-1@ou.edu

  Leslie Miller

Research Interests: Sociology of Medicine and Healthcare, Environmental Sociology,
and Race Relations
Email address: lamiller@ou.edu

Meredith Mouser

Research Interests: Race, Class, and Gender Inequality, Racial and Ethnic Relations, Social Demography, Sociology of the Family, Quantitative Methods
Email: meredithdenney@ou.edu 


Brandon Pearson

Research Interests: Education, Race, Stratification
Email: bap6@ou.edu

Renee Philipp

Research Interests: Statistical Methods, Research Design, Corrections, Substance Abuse, Mental Health, Sentencing Practices
Email: Renee.M.Philipp-1@ou.edu


Marshall Schmidt

Curriculum Vitae
Research Interests:Criminology, Family, Social Psychology.
Email: marshall.r.schmidt-1@ou.edu


Candace Smith

Curriculum Vitae
Research Interests: Deviance and Criminology, Victimology, and Fear of Crime
Email: candace.l.smith-1@ou.edu


Kara Snawder

Curriculum Vitae
Research Interests: Sexuality, Public Health, Global Inequality, Gender Non-Conformity, Media Culture
Email: kjsnawder@ou.edu


Jackie Switzer

Research Interests: Criminology and Deviance, Class Stratification
Email: jackieswitzer@ou.edu

Taylor Thompson

Research Interests: Criminology and Criminal Justice Reform, Food and Nutritional Inequality, Women and Gender
Email: Taylor.E.Thompson-1@ou.edu


Sam Wallace

Curriculum Vitae
Research Interests: Education, Gender/Family, Sexuality, Deviance
Email: saw1@ou.edu


Gilbert Wolford

Curriculum Vitae
Research Interests: Class Stratification, Gender Nonconformity, Human Sexuality
Email: GilbertRWolford@ou.edu